Darryl Fry, Co-Founder, Board Member

W. Darryl Fry, educated as an economist with a BA degree from Brigham Young University, has been the Founder and/or CEO of several businesses including,  ComUnity Lending Inc., Lender Velocity, MSC Advantage, Inc. ,Credit Flex, and U.S. Home Ownership.  During his career he has arranged and been responsible for over $750,000,000 of credit lines from various national lenders. He has authored numerous nationally published articles on leadership and innovative corporate culture development under such titles as “Total Quality Management”,  “Reinventing a Mortgage Company”,  “The Holy Grail of Customer Contentment”, and “Creating High Performance Teams”.   He and his organizations have been subjects of articles in the NYAMP Mortgage Press, California Mortgage Press, HRO Today, and Silicone Valley Journal. Darryl’s most recent start up, U.S. Home Ownership, LLC, located in Morgan Hill, California.  Darryl serves on several Boards of Directors of “for profit” and  “non-profit” organizations based in the United States and Internationally.