Submit Your Executive Summary to

South Valley Angels
Review and Funding Process

Initial Screening Review
SVA screening staff will perform an initial screening of the Executive Summary. During the Screening Review we may contact you for questions and may provide executive summary refinement suggestions. If qualified, the Executive Summary will be forwarded to investors and you will be invited to present.

Selected companies will be invited to present their idea and business in more detail at our monthly Pitch Meeting. SVA follows the presentation process which is summarized below. Overall Format - Company will have 15 minutes total for presentation followed by Q&A.

Along with basic information (e.g.  company name, contact information)  the presentation should cover but is not limited to:

“Why” is this an opportunity, what is the business case; why are you doing this?   Who are you targeting,
statistics that support your belief that this is an opportunity (your message); what market dynamics support why this is
important, what tells you someone wants this.

2.      PROBLEM:
Discuss the problem you are solving that will lead to the opportunity; the problems should be strategic not tactical

3.      SOLUTION:
Your solution must address the problems and achieve the opportunity; focus on the business vision and strategic benefits. Not
how it works.

4.      MARKET:
Where do you fit, who is your target market, what are the market segments, what are the market dynamics.

5.      PLAN:
Roadmap, Go To Market and Financials – how do you get there and what does it cost.

6.      TEAM:
Skills to execute plan

7.      NEEDS:
Funding need, what does it buy, how long

Deep Dive (Follow-on Meeting)

After the presentation investors will discuss the companies that presented. If there is interest in further information on your company a team of investors will be formed. This team will consist of investors familiar with your company’s market space and technology. The team leader will contact you and coordinate a follow-on meeting. If the investors believe your company and business should be considered for funding  you will be contacted for due diligence.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process is extensive and will assess all aspects of your company, business and team. If the due diligence is positive, your company will be approved for funding.


If your company is approved for funding a term sheet will be generated and presented for consideration.